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Knee Pain

Athlete or stay-at-home parent, construction worker or accountant, you're a rare individual if you don't experience knee pain during your lifetime. The knee is the joint that allows us to sit, stand, walk, run, dance, play golf and just about everything else we do, bearing our entire body weight and more. The knee is arguably more likely to suffer injury than any body part.

You may be able to identify an accident as the source of your discomfort. You may already know or suspect you have arthritis. Or you may have no idea what's causing your pain. You don't have to be an Olympic ski champion with a diagnosed cartilage tear to look for help. Millions of average people seek professional care for their aching knees each year and improve the quality of their lives.

Treating Knee Pain, Sports Injuries, and Arthritis

When you come in to see Dr. Ferro at the Bone & Joint Center, the first thing you'll discover is he's committed to helping you return to the most active life you can lead. His approach is to become your partner in a treatment plan you design together. He'll listen to you, help you learn about your condition and work with you to determine the right choices for your lifestyle.

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Knee Pain

Teaming with Dr. Ferro, a spectrum of treatment possibilities is open to you. You and he may decide the sports injury you suffered can best be treated with arthroscopic surgery and physical rehabilitation. To accommodate your busy lifestyle, you may decide minimally-invasive knee surgery, or outpatient total joint replacement allowing for a rapid return to your activities is best for you. With Dr. Ferro’s Advanced Credentials, and emphasis on an open, two-way relationship, no matter what path you choose you'll be glad you chose to work with Dr. Ferro.

Managing Arthritis on the Central Coast

More than 20 million people who once took jogging, hiking or playing in the park with their children for granted are now plagued with knees that click, stick and get sore. These are some of the symptoms of osteoarthritis, the most common form of the disease.

What's happening inside your joints is a gradual wearing a way of cartilage, the cushion of tissue that keeps the bones in your knee from grinding away at each other. As your knee cartilage gets chipped and fissured over time it can't repair itself. It gradually wears away and your bones start to meet each other painfully when you stand, pivot, climb stairs or just walk down the street.

There are steps you can take to help alleviate the pain of osteoarthritis. Losing weight, exercising to boost muscle strength, managing pain with acetaminophen and ibuprofen, icing your knees after activities - all these can help. The fact of the matter is, however, that most people's osteoarthritis worsens significantly over time. When you find, you can't continue activities that are important to you, it's time to see Dr. Ferro. You may decide to consider arthroscopic surgery or a Total Knee Replacement to help get your life back.

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