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Partial Knee Replacement


EPIK System

The EPIK System is a minimally invasive partial knee replacement system designed to streamline knee replacement surgery, and provides excellent results.  The EPIK system uses the latest technology in minimally invasive surgery to:

  • Reduce Hospital Stays
  • Shorten Recovery Time
  • Maximize Range of Motion
  • Reduce Bone Loss in Surgery

Conservation of bone is critical if Total Knee Replacement is needed in the future.

During the procedure, Dr. Ferro resurfaces the inside portion of the Femur (thigh bone) and applies a thin, anatomically designed metal cap.  This unique design preserves the bone and facilitates normal range of motion of the knee.  Next, a thin cavity is burred into the Tibia (lower leg bone) and a modular metal insert with a small metal peg is applied.  Unlike a Total Knee Prosthetic, the metal peg barely penetrates the bone, maintaining normal knee anatomy.  Once the metal insert is secured on the Tibia, a thin polyethylene insert is applied to facilitate smooth contact with the metal cap on the Femur.

For more information about the EPIK system, click here.

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