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Knee Resurfacing

Tricompartmental Knee Resurfacing

Tricompartmental Resurfacing Knee is a revolutionary procedure that provides the most Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement available. Dr. Ferro is one of the only surgeons in the entire country to perform this incredible procedure!

What makes the Tricompartmental Knee so unique is that the procedure spares the two stabilizing ligaments of the knee, The Anterior Cruciate Ligament and the Posterior Cruciate Ligament. These crucial ligaments give the knee its natural feel and balance when moving, and are normally removed during traditional knee replacement, causing patients to lose their natural range of motion. In addition, Dr. Ferro performs a unique resurfacing of the knee, as opposed to the large bone cuts associated with traditional Total Knee Replacement.

The results of the procedure are dramatic and amazing! Our patients experience range of motion and stability unmatched by traditional Total Knee Replacement. They are recovering faster and immediately gaining confidence in their knee after the procedure.

The Tricompartmental Total Knee Resurfacing procedure is ideal for the active patient who has healthy, intact Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligaments. Contact our office to schedule a consultation today.

To learn more, go to our Frequently Asked Questions or call us for an appointment at 805-481-3685 in Arroyo Grande, or 661-716-9413 in Bakersfield


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